Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Water Heating Panels

Is it beneficial to install Solar Water Heater Panel? What are its benefits & drawbacks?

It has been observed that about 18% of energy in an average household is consumed in heating water which may cause to pay huge power bills. We have seen that most water heating devices usually consume fossil fuels like gas or oil to work. Electric heaters use electricity for the same purpose. As a result, massive electricity and gas bills come your way.

If you are facing the problem of paying a large amount of money in the form of electricity or gas bills to supply hot water to your household, then you need not worry at all! Just replace your existing electric or gas water heater with solar water heater panels. These panels use sunlight to heat water. These heater panels are much preferred because they save a lot of money and power as sunlight is totally free of cost and a renewable form of energy. But before you switch to the solar panel system, you must know that what you are getting into. So, let us discuss the both benefits and drawbacks of solar water heater panels. Keep reading the following article if you really need any ideas about choosing the best water heater.

ADVANTAGES of Solar Water Heaters

  • Saves water heating bills
  • Environment friendly
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Takes less space
  • Efficiency
  • Requires cheap installation
  • Rebates

DISADVANTAGES of Solar Water Heaters

  • Weather dependent
  • Used for only heating water.
  • Requires a separate insulated tank to maintain water temperature for nighttime.
  • Costly in terms of installing

Advantages of Solar Water Heaters

Following are the advantages of solar water heating panels:

Saves water heating bills

The Solar water heaters save a lot of money that we pay as heating bills. Sunlight is totally free source of renewable energy. So, you don’t need to pay a single penny for heating the water in the case of solar water heating panels.

Environment friendly

This way of heating water is too environmentally friendly as there is 100 percent zero-emission of any type of environmental pollution into the atmosphere. Other water heating means like the burning of natural gas cause environmental pollution. Even technologies that use electricity to work, cause pollution.

Requires little maintenance

After installing a solar hot water heating system, you won’t need to worry about its maintenance. It requires very less to maintain. A properly maintained solar water heater can last up to almost 20 years.

Takes less space

Solar water heaters usually take less space to set up. A few are required to heat water than in an array used to produce enough power.


It has been observed that about 80 percent of total radiation (solar energy) coming from the Sun is used to obtain hot water. Moreover, the efficiency of the water heater depends upon the maintenance and the way of using your solar water heater.

Requires Cheap Installation

It requires low installation costs as compared to a PV panel. You can easily afford the installation price of a solar water heater. A few panels can work efficiently for heating water and you can save money in return.


According to the law, you are allowed to claim a bonus for using green energy in any form every year. The reason for this bonus is to give motivation to homeowners to prefer the use of renewable energy.

Disadvantages of Solar Water Heaters

Weather Dependent

The performance of a solar water heater is dependent on the climate. It requires direct sunlight to work efficiently. The system may not work properly on a cloudy or foggy day. It doesn’t mean that you ran out of hot water on a cloudy or rainy day. You can arrange a backup heating system when there is not a sunny day.

Used to heat water only

As suggested by its name that a solar water heater is used to heat only water instead of providing power to your electronic appliances. A photovoltaic solar panel is used to light up your house in case of electricity load-shedding. It is a pro tip to install a PV Solar heating panel system if you are using an electric water heater so that, it will provide sufficient electric power to your electric heater.

Require a separate insulating tank

Another disadvantage of using a solar water heating panel is that it requires a separate insulating water tank to maintain water temperature in order to use the water heated during the daytime can be used during nighttime.

Costly in terms of purchasing and installing

Sometimes, a solar water heating system can be proved expensive in purchasing and installing terms as compared to other types of water heaters.

Wrapping It Up!

So, these were the advantages and disadvantages of solar water heaters mentioned above in detail. There are many benefits of using a solar water heater, and many disadvantages as well. You must check the roof to know whether the roof is capable to support the panels or not. many other factors should also be noticed. Although solar water heaters are efficient and reliable. Proper planning before installing them would really prove helpful for the homeowners.

So, if you want to heat water for your average household by using free solar energy (a renewable form of energy), then solar water heaters are the best choice for your house. You can easily save the energy bill by using this system.

Moreover, if you have any queries about this article, do inform us in the comment section below. It would be a pleasure to solve your queries! hopefully, you will like this post.

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