Best Electric Tankless Water Heater

A best electric tankless water heater is one of the most reasonable choices for homeowners. The first storage hot water unit was introduced by Edwin Ruud In 1889. It saves a lot of money on your energy bills and gives you hot water constantly without any limitations. It looks to be nothing more than a simple box hangs on a wall. That box looks pretty and when you look inside the box is some amazing engineering, because when you open a hot water faucet it delivers a huge amount of hot water.

This type of water heater never runs out of hot water and there is no storage tank to drain. There are special units that allow water to be heated and stored in a metal tank. Whether you are living alone or in a crowded house with many bathrooms, there is a water heater to suit. With this, you will enjoy warm water as long as you like! We have come up with great models with higher quality.

Here is the detail of the best tankless water heaters for you to consider:

1. Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 24 Tankless Electric Water Heater

Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 24

 It is a German company name that was founded by Dr.Theodor Stiebel in 1924. They are considered as one of the best world’s leading specialists in producing water source heat pumps. Tempra 24 Plus is a water heater that has been designed for greater user practice. Its advanced way of controlling temperature by using a digital display assures no more cold water surprises.

This advanced system controls the flow of water to meet at that point where it keeps the temperature constantly the use of a digital display, you can set the temperature to whatever degree you wish, up to 140̊ F.

You will get a higher flow rate using the more power consumption but you will have to make sure that there is enough liquid to start it running. It has been designed to use in two flow rates.

  • For 240 Volts.
  • For 208 Volts.


  • 99% energy efficient
  • Unique Tempra Advanced Flow Control
  • Good range of temperature


  • Slightly more costly than other similar models

2. Ecosmart ECO 27 Tankless Electric Water Heater

Ecosmart ECO 27

When you are talking about tankless electric water heater brands, the name Ecosmart sits top of the pyramid. Small, efficient, and small are perfect words for EcoSmart’s ECO 27 water heater. You see most heaters come with some form of modulation that keeps energy loss to a minimum by changing power supply which depends upon the current demand. It has an efficiency of 99.8 percent energy efficiency. 

As water flows through, it is heated by 3 heating elements that work one after the other. So, certain situations will only need the use of 1 heating element, while others will demand that all 3 be in action. This level of control helps save much energy as possible – it is good news for the planet and your wallet.

Its temperature ranges from 80̊ F – 140̊ F which is more than enough for the residential needs. You can set the temperature at 1̊ increments – which is a very cool, but somewhat impractical feature. The coldest inlet water is about 37̊ F, which you may experience if you live in the north of the US during winter. The company has advised the flow rate of 2.7GPM at 105̊ F. If you have to live in a much hotter climate like Florida, you can expect a flow rate as high as 6.6GPM.

A standard showerhead has experienced a flow rate of 2GPM, while a dishwasher is 1-2 GPM. The minimum flow rate to start the healing process is 0.25GPM, dripping faucet probably won’t activate the unit. EcoSmart has 6 electric water heaters in their ECO line-up. ECO 27 is an excellent choice for someone wanting to save money and reduce their environmental track.


  • Relatively inexpensive considering the excellent flow rate
  • Small physical size
  • Adjustable and highly accurate temperature control
  • Lifetime warranty


  • May experience temperature fluctuation when household demands exceed that of the unit.

3. Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater

It is an indoor model that performs to a solid level across the board. It is so small which makes the Eccotemp model look big and chunky. Its flow rate is 4.0GPM at 20̊ F temperature. Temperature can be set by a push button and is displayed by a low to the high graph.

It has a sampling system to maintain a constant temperature which monitors input and output water temperatures 21 times per second, and then makes some required arrangements to the flow rate. It prevents cold water from accidentally ruining your hot shower, but it will also mean a reduced flow rate. Titan SCR2 N-120 warranty of 10 years on all water-carrying components.

The N-120 is the most powerful model in the SCR2 line-up that means it also uses the most power. Always keep in mind that you will certainly end up saving money over time versus tanked solutions with an energy rate of 99.5 percent.


  • Small size
  • Maximum flow rate occurs because of size
  • 10 years warranty
  • Sampling system for maintaining constant water temperature
  • Competitive pricing


  • The high initial temperature of 105̊ F
  • Recommended to use with high inlet water temperature

4. Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater – Best portable tankless water heater

When you think about portable best tankless water heaters electric, Eccotemp L5 is the recommended model. Most of the people agree with us by recommending Eccotemp L5 as the best portable tankless water heater. This unit uses liquid propane which is extremely efficient and best for users. It’s not only just used for camping but also uses by a cabin or an outdoor shower by the pool to provide hot water.

Flow rate becomes 1.4GPM having a temperature range of 80̊ F – 150̊ F. You only want to use this unit for one use at a time. Two dials are present at the front panel which allows you to control gas and water flow so you can adjust these until you get the perfect balance between pressure and temperature. It provides enough power and temperature for providing hot water for single application needs. This is number 1 for if you are using it for your primary concern.


  • Portable because of small and light in weight
  • Provide enough flow rate
  • Affordable
  • Also, have the ability to run 2-D cell batteries when in an “off-grid” state


  • Venting design means wind may occasionally blow out the ignition flame

5. Noritz NRC98-DV-NG Direct 9.8 GPM Tankless Water Heater

Noritz is a big player in the water heating world. It has a flow rate of 9.8GPM means that it is perfect for households with multiple washrooms. It has two heat exchangers. First which pre-heats the water so the second-and primary exchanger – does not have to do all work.

It has a condensing function as the flue gas from the first heat exchanger which is actually used as the heating source for the second and therefore drastically increases efficiency. It has an energy factor of 0.91 for natural gas and 0.92 for liquid propane.

This unit comes with a temperature dial that has 3 settings. Alternatively, you may opt for a separately purchasable remote that has 9 temperature settings that have an increment of 5̊ F.

Temperature ranges from 100̊ F to 140̊ F. The starting value is high, and it has a bit of flexibility on the lower end. Noritz has provided a very capable, extremely efficient, and eco- friendly tankless water heater.


  • High flow rate 9.8GPM
  • Warranty of 12 years on the heat exchanger and 5 years parts
  • Inexpensive venting materials required
  • High efficiency and low exhaust output because of condensing function


  • Minimum temperature quite high at 100̊ F
  • Big and bulky

6-Rheem RTE 13 Electric Tankless Water Heater – Small and compact

It has a maximum flow rate of 4GPM. It gives enough hot water for a standard showerhead and kitchen sink. The most powerful model in the Rheem line – the Rheem 27, only offers a flow rate of 5 GPM.

It has a temperature range from low to high(125̊ F). It has a warranty for 1to 2 years. 1 year for parts and 10 years on the heat exchanger.


  • Solid option of budget
  • Simple design and easy to install
  • A small and compact unit


  • Questionable product quality
  • The highest temperature is not as high as some other models

Features of Electric Water Heater

There are many features of a best electric tankless water heater nowadays.

  • It saves money, space, and provides warm water for use.
  • The installation process is very simple and quick. You can install it in every place you want. If you want to install it outdoor you can use an Antifreeze kit.
  • It takes no additional storage space in your home. It is very compact so it can be placed anywhere you want.
  • It doesn’t produce greenhouse gases like a natural gas-powered system.
  • It uses less energy as compared to other appliances like the air conditioner. It consumes 14% to 18% of our utility bills.
  • You will never run out of hot water with an electric heating system because the system heats it quite on demand.
  • Traditional storage heaters can last about a decade, their tankless counterparts have, on average, double the life expectancy. The customers that need to replace their current storage water heater, it may be useful for them to know about the extended life of water heaters.
  • It provides safety for families, especially for those who have young children.


Q. Is it worth the money to get a electric tankless water heater?

Tankless water heaters save money in the long run, but initial costs are higher than tank models. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates gas-fired heaters save an average of $108 in energy costs per year over their traditional tank counterparts, while electric tankless heaters save $44 per year.

Q. What are the electrical requirements for an electric tankless water heater?

Unfortunately, the average electric tankless water heater needs at least 120 amps to operate and the average household’s total capacity is 200 amps. This means you will have to upgrade your electrical system to accommodate for the larger load demand, which could cost you up to $1,500.

Q. Do electric water heaters require 220?

Large electric water heaters all run on at least 220 current. The only 110 volt units are the small under-sink type heaters that only supply hot water for coffee or a single faucet sink. Large electric water heaters all run on at least 220 currents.

Q. Can I install electric tankless water heater myself?

This job calls for good plumbing and electrical skills, and might better be done by a licensed professional (even required in some areas). However, if you prefer to install your new water heater DIY-style, be prepared to spend a couple of hours in order to finish the whole setup.

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